- About us -


Homestead Quilts and Gallery is locally owned and operated in one of the newest cities in Oregon.  We are the only quilt shop on Highway 97 about 35 miles south of Bend.  Entering our shop is like stepping back into time.  It is decorated with vintage memorabilia and antiques that fit the space beautifully along with local art and a wonderful knit shop.  The quilt shop is in the oldest building in La Pine.  Often travelers stop by to reminisce.

- The quilt shop -

Homestead Quilts and Gallery has been in business a very long time.  First starting out as a Craft Shop and evolving into a Quilt Shop.  Cathy Buono has owned the shop for 12 years and within the Shop 5000 bolts of fabric, many patterns and accessories.  The Staff will help you with your projects weather is be reading a pattern, figure out piecing, etc.  The shop has a full yarn shop (Homestead Yarn Shop).

- The art gallery -

In addition to a full-service quilt shop, we have an art gallery featuring handmade items from local artisans! Each item is available for purchase, and artist information and bio is posted with their items. Art gallery items include many genres of items from handmade jewelry to woodworking, paintings and much more! See something you love? The Homestead Quilts & Gallery staff is happy to assist you with taking the item you like down from display and ringing it up for you right in the shop. 

Get more information, or inquire about having your art items featured in our gallery, Contact Us for more information.

- yarn and Knitting/crochet room -

Homestead Knit Shop is a complete service and product shop.  The Yarn Manager is very knowledgeable and willing to help.  There are many samples and the knit and crochet group meet most Wednesdays and Saturdays.

- beads and so much more! -

In the shop you’ll also find a huge yarn room featuring a variety of high quality yarns with a needlecraft teacher on staff, a large classroom, large selection of high-end beads including Swarovski crystals, and much, much more! 

Add some bling to your next craft or quilting project with beads. We carry a large selection of beautiful beads that are sure to add the pop you need to your next project. New to beading? Beads make a wonderful addition to quilts and sewing projects. Beads can be used to add texture or emphasis and make beautiful art quilts!